MGE UPS Systems
HotSwap MBP

Hot-Swap Steckdosenleiste für den Betrieb an USV-Anlagen. Kann während des live-Betriebs ausgetauscht werden.
Für 250 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Maximale Belastbarkeit: 3680 VA
Ausführung mit vier Schuko Sicherheits-Steckdosen.
Rack-einbaufähig, aber auch auf Wände anzuschrauben.
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English translation of German description:

Hot swappable Power Unit for your UPS system.
Voltage: 250 V
frequency: 50/60 Hz
Current: 16 A nom.
The HotSwap MBP series is made of versatile, flexible PDUs designed to add high availability to UPSs up to 3680 VA. Any UPS connected to a HotSwap MBP can be replaced for maintenance or upgrade purposes without interrupting the power supply to the protected devices. As a unique feature, they can be screwed at the back a Pulsar UPS, either front-facing or rear-facing, on the left or right hand side, for maximum versatility. They offer multiple mounting options for rack enclosures, wall mounting or connection at the rear of a UPS, whatever its brand (Eaton e.g.).
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MGE UPS Systems HotSwap MBP

Maße/ Dimensions : 440mm (B/W) x 50mm (H/H) x 105mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 1,4 kg

Geprüft / Fully tested:   53,55 INKLUSIV MWST / 45,00 NETTO
Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr
One Year Warranty

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