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Hewlett Packard

Der HP 8057 A ist ein Präzisions-Rauschgenerator für den Audiobereich.

  • Weißes Rauschen
    Frequenzbereich: DC ... 26 kHz
  • Rosa Rauschen
    Frequenzbereich: 2 Hz ... 20 kHz
  • Binäre Pseudo-Zufalls-Sequenz
    Clock rate: 520 kHz
  • Trigger
  • External Clock

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English translation of German description:
The Hewlett Packard 8057 A Precision Noise Generator is an audio frequency noise generator producing pseudo-random signals, available at binary and Gaussian distribution outputs. These signals are repeated noise patterns of known content and duration.
Both white and pink noise with an equal RMS value can be selected by push buttons.
By producing a defined RMS value, the high stability of the output level allows the use of a directly calibrated attenuator with 0.1 dB resolution.
This makes the 8057 A a highly accurate noise source.

  • White noise
    Frequency range: DC ... 26 kHz
  • Pink noise
    Frequency range: 2 Hz ... 20 kHz
  • Pseudo-random-binary-sequence
    Clock rate: 520 kHz
  • Trigger
  • External clock

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Hewlett Packard HP 8057A

Maße/ Dimensions : 200mm (B/W) x 165mm (H/H) x 295mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 3,5 kg

Geprüft / Fully tested:   220,15 INKLUSIV MWST / 185,00 NETTO
Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr
One Year Warranty

Ref. #: 0632281914 Hewlett Packard HP 8057A
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