Optical Metrology; Glass fiber
Optische Messgeräte, Glasfasertechnik


Optisches Acquisition Modul
1kHz bis 1 GHz
für EMC - Systeme

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English translation of German description:
The small sized battery powered OAM02S satellite unit can be located close to the signal monitoring points and incorporates a preamplifier and a step attenuator, both programmable from the base unit; OAM02S withstands pulsed electromagnetic field strengths of over 100 kV/m with no damage and is designed to operate over a very wide environmental range without significant change in
It can operate continuously for over eight hours and can be recharged in short time by the associated battery charger; can also be remotely
set in stand-by to conserve battery power; it switches-off when remaining charge is not enough to assure correct operations, and also sends upon request the information of 1 hour autonomy.
Each satellite contains an accurate calibration signal generator for periodic check of the system gain, which is maintained by means of an automatic gain control circuit.

System characteristics
  • Single channel plug-in for AFOM-MF mainframe (up to four
    independent channels per mainframe)
    • 1 kHz to 1 GHz operating frequency range
    • Insertable attenuators and preamplifier
    • Signal-to-noise ratio better than 45 dB
    • Full scale output level 0 dBm
    • System gain without atten./preamp. 20 dB
    • Built-in test generator

    General description:
    TESEO high frequency plug-in modules and remote satellites are fiber optic communication links for the transmission of high bandwidth analog signals in hostile environments subjected to electromagnetic interferences, noises, or characterized by the presence of high voltages.
    A plug-in system consists of a base module fitting in TESEO mainframes, a dual fiber optic cable for signal and control, a battery powered, shielded transmitter, and a battery charger.
    Each plug-in system is a single independent optical channel and can be delivered with various frequency bands, up to 1 GHz, which
    enables it to handle data transmission in the full range of pulse tests.
    It provides researchers and engineers with an integrated technology solution to the transmission of uncorrupted data in safety conditions in EMP, EMC and high-voltage experimentation and testing.
    Each plug-in can be individually managed by the µprocessor-control system inside the mainframe.

    Plug-in Base Unit:
    OAM02 plug-in system will transmit an analog signal in the range 1 kHz to 1 GHz up to a distance of 1 km via fiber optic link.
    AFOM-MF mainframe can house up to four OAM02B base unit plug-ins for a total of four independent optic channels.
    System setup and status are displayed on the mainframe LCD graphic display; all functions are available and manageable by means of AFOM-MF keyboard or built-in IEEE-488 interface.
    During start-up, the base unit automatically disjoins satellite input, selects maximum attenuation, and gives to the operator the possibility to check the functionality of the channel.

    Comes with external power supply (not shown on picture)

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  • Teseo OAM02S

    Maße/ Dimensions : 90mm (B/W) x 75mm (H/H) x 130mm (T/D)
    Gewicht/ Weight: 0,95 kg

    Geprüft / Fully tested:   470,05 INKLUSIV MWST / 395,00 NETTO
    Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr
    One Year Warranty

    Ref. #: 0581784279 Teseo OAM02S
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