VRM5080 solo

Der VRM-5080 ist ein VHF 50W Sendeempfänger mit integrierter Bedieneinheit.
Frequenzbereich 30 - 76 MHz, Modulationsart FM
Betriebsspannung: 24 V DC

Der nötige 24V Stecker (nicht abgebildet) wird mitgegeben.

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English translation of German description:
The VRM5080 is a tactical 50W, VHF Receiver / Transmitter with integrated contol unit.
It covers the 30 to 76MHz frequency range. The VRM5080 incorporates a built-in test sequence which automatically checks transceiver performance and displays results. A 16kbits/s data capability is also incorporated in the transceiver and options extend the facilities to include built-in pseudo-white-noise encryption of both data and speech. The front panel, providing full control over a simple serial data line, can be mounted anywhere on a tank with a radio located in the hull or a similar remote position. It also provides control of two radios from a single remote position. The control enables selection of operating frequency and up to nine preselected channels as well as encryption codes and the transceiver mode. An alpha-numeric display gives read-out of frequency and status.

Comes with 24V DC Connector (not shown in picture).

Please find the following accessories, if still available, here:
Antenna Base

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MIL VRM5080 solo

Maße/ Dimensions : 220mm (B/W) x 185mm (H/H) x 345mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 13,1 kg

Grundgeprüft / Basically tested:   232,05 INKLUSIV MWST / 195,00 NETTO (appr. US$ .-)

Ref. #: 0335690896 MIL VRM5080 solo
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