Das Tektronix TDS-8000 ist ein Digital-Sampling-Oszilloskop.

Eine Beschreibung finden Sie im Englischen Text sowie technische Details im ausführlichen Datenblatt, welches sich hinter dem "Info"-Button versteckt.

Hier bestückt mit einem 20 GHz-Modul:
80C01 Optical Sampling Modul, 9/125 µm
1100-1650 nm Eingang,
Filter: 622 Mb/s; 2,488 Gb/s; 9,953 Gb/s

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English translation of German description:
The TEK TDS-8000 is a Digital Sampling Oscilloscope.
The instrument is a high-speed, precision sampling system that finds use in:
  • high-performance semiconductor/computer applications, such as semiconductor
    testing, TDR characterization of circuit boards, IC packages and cables, and high-speed serial digital data communications.
  • high-performance communications applications, such as design evaluation and manufacturing test of datacom and telecom components, transceiver subassemblies, and transmission systems.

The instrument includes a user interface that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system as a windowed application. You operate the instrument using front-panel controls with the mouse and keyboard or with the touch screen.

Key features include:
  • industry-leading waveform acquisition rate, with Sample, Envelope, and Average acquisition modes.
  • support for up to six sampling modules for a maximum configuration of ten inputs.
  • full programmability, with an extensive GPIB-command set and a message-based interface.
  • true differential TDR, with fast step (35 psec reflected risetime) when used with a TDR-capable sampling module.
  • negligible long-term jitter degradation (<0.1 ppm), which substantially improves the ability to view signals that are far delayed from the trigger point without distortion.
  • industry-leading trigger bandwidth (12+ GHz) when using the built-in-prescaler.
  • support of both telecom (SONET and SDH) and datacom (Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet) optical communication standards.
  • powerful built-in measurement capability, including histograms, mask testing, and automatic measurements. Automatic measurements include eye/communications measurements, such as Q factor, extinction ratio, and optical power and general-purpose measurements, such as jitter and noise.
  • DC to 50 GHz optical bandwidth; DC to 50 GHz electrical bandwidth, with up to 12.5 GHz triggering.
  • FrameScan acquisition for isolating data-dependent failures during conformance/
    performance testing and for examining very low-level repetitive signals.
  • support for optical conformance testing of SONET/SDH signals from 622 Mbps to 10.66 Gbps and for Fibre Channel 1063 and Gigabit Ethernet signals.
  • a large 10-inch color display that supports color grading of waveform data to show sample density.
  • an intuitive UI (User Interface), with built-in online help displayable on screen.

Comes with the following module:
  • Module 80C01: 622/2488/9953 Mbps / 20 GHz, 9/125 Ám Optical Module, 1100 to 1650 nm input.
More technical details are to be found in the extensive data sheet, please click at the "info" button!

Please ask for the additional fee for a current and traceable ISO calibration.

Please find a corresponding data sheet here.
Please find an enlarged image here.

Tektronix TEK TDS8000

Maße/ Dimensions : 450mm (B/W) x 340mm (H/H) x 440mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 20,5 kg

Geprüft / Fully tested:   7080,50 INKLUSIV MWST / 5950,00 NETTO
Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr
One Year Warranty

Ref. #: 0236230126 Tektronix TEK TDS8000
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