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Die PCI DIO-32HS Datenerfassungs-Karte hat die gleiche Funktionalität wie die DIO-6533. Es sind digitale 32-Bit parallele Ein-/Ausgabe-Schnittstellenkarten, die ohne Jumper oder Mäuseklavier auskommen. Die 32 Kanäle sind 5V TTL/CMOS kompatibel.
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English translation of German description:
The nowadays NI DIO-6533 called Data Aquisition Card PCI-DIO-32HS is the same in functionality. It's a completely switchless, jumperless DAQ device. The 6533 devices are 32-bit, parallel digital I/O interfaces for PC-compatible computers, or PXI or CompactPCI chassis. The DIO-32HS contains the National Instruments MITE PCI interface. The MITE offers bus-master operation, PCI burst transfers, and high-speed DMA controllers for continuous, scatter-gather DMA without requiring DMA resources from your computer.
Each 6533 device contains the National Instruments DAQ-DIO chip, providing two independent channels of digital input and output, pattern generation, and handshaking.
Each channel offers the following functions:
  • Selectable data path width (8, 16, or 32 bits)
  • 16-sample-deep FIFO buffer
  • 16-bit and 32-bit counters for timebase and interval generation, with a maximum timing resolution of 50 ns
  • A handshaking controller implementing six flexible timing protocols
  • Start and stop trigger detection and digital pattern detection
  • 24 mA outputs
  • Hysteresis and diode-based line termination on all inputs
With 6533 devices, you can use your computer or chassis as a digital I/O tester, logic analyzer, or system controller for laboratory testing, production testing, and industrial process monitoring and control.

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National Instruments (NI) PCI-DIO-32HS

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