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Zum Messen der Stärke eines elektrostatischen Feldes dient dieses handliche, batteriebetriebene (9V-Block) Instrument.
Der Messbereich geht bis zu ±20 kV mit einer Auflösung von 100 V und 10 V im unteren Bereich.
Eine grafische Anzeige, zwei Hilfsdioden um den perfekten Messabstand von 2,54 cm (1 Zoll) zu finden sind weitere Merkmale des Instruments.
Mehr technische Details finden sich im Datenblatt.

Ein Datenblatt zu diesem Artikel finden Sie hier.
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English translation of German description:
SIMCO's Model FMX-002 Electrostatic Fieldmeter is a compact, portable instrument for measuring electrostatic charge.
The FMX-002 measures positive and negative polarity electrostatic charges to 20 kV at a distance of one inch. Two LED guide ring lights on the measuring side of the unit converge at the proper distance from a test object.
The conductive case and ground lead facilitate reference grounding for accurate measurement.
The FMX-002 can also be used for periodic verification of ionizer balance performance to ±200 V by attaching the charge plate.
A bar graph indicates field polarity and intensity.
Auto-ranging digital display,a utomatic off function and a HOLD function which holds even after power is turned off are some more features.
More technical deatails are to be found in the data sheet.

Please find a corresponding data sheet here.
Please find an enlarged image here.

Simco FMX002

Maße/ Dimensions : 65mm (B/W) x 25mm (H/H) x 120mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 0,2 kg

Grundgeprüft / Basically tested:   113,05 INKLUSIV MWST / 95,00 NETTO (appr. US$ .-)

Ref. #: 1458781268 Simco FMX002
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