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5575 T1 Micro Bert

Das Phoenix Modell 5575 T1 MicroBert ist ein voll funktionsfähiges T-Carrier Leitungsprüfgerät, konzipiert für den Einsatz an 1,544 Mbps (T1) Carrier Links.
Eine 2-zeilige und 40-spaltige LCD Anzeige, 14 Status-/Alarm-LEDs und ein 24-Tasten Eingabefeld mit integriertem Status-LED auf jeder Taste, bieten dem Bediener einen mit voller Funktion ausgestatteten, leicht zu bedienenden Line-Tester in einem kleinen tragbaren Koffer.

Weitere technische Details finden sich in der englischen Beschreibung !
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English translation of German description:
The Phoenix model 5575 T1 MicroBert is a full function T-Carrier Line Tester designed for use on 1.544 Mbps T-Carrier Links.
A two line by forty column LCD display, 14 status/alarm LED indicators, and a 24-key keyboard with internal status LEDs on each key, provide the operator with a full function, easy to use tester, in a small, portable case.

Technical features and specifications:
  • One button fulltesting with automatic line evaluation and setup
  • Portable, handheld, battery operated
  • Tests D4 framed, extended superframe, SLC(r)96 framimg or unframed links
  • Direct connection to TelCo "T" interface
  • CSU emulation mode
  • Generates and receives 12 test patterns plus user defined pattern
  • Operates from internal battery, line power (using adapter), or local central office battery
  • Real time clock (time, day, date)
  • Full remote control RS-232 port
  • Twenty column printer port via a second RS-232 port

  • Input specifications:
    Input connectors: WECO 310 jack and 15-pin, D-shell network interface connector
    Input frequency: 1544000 Hz (±300 Hz)
    Line codes: AMI or B8ZS (B8ZS in frame modes only)
    Bridge: > 1000 ohms
    Term: 100 ohms ± 5%
    Monitor: 100 ohms ± 5%
    CSU: 100 ohms ± 5%

  • Operating range:
    Bridge: +6 dbdsx to -20 dbdsx, Automatic Line Build Out (ALBO), compensates for cable loss
    Term and CSU: +6 dbdsx to -20 dbdsx, Automatic Line Build Out (ALBO), compensates for cable loss
    Monitor: +6 dbdsx to -6 dbdsx, ALBO provided with fixed +20 db amplifier to compensate to DSX monitor series impedance losses

  • Transmit mode:
    The transmitter is disabled and completely isolated from the output jacks in the Bridge and Monitor mode. This allows the 5575 to utilize the Tx jack as a secondary receiver to measure voltage, frequency, and loop timing of both sides of the span for in-service specifications

  • Output specifications:
    Line Build Out (LBO): Switch selectable with 0, -7.5, and -15 db attenuation
    Output Connectors: Provided on WECO 310 jacks and 15-pin D-shell network interface connector
    Internal Oscillator Frequency: 1544000 Hz +/- 5 ppm
    Line Codes: AMI or B8ZS
    Pulse Shape: Complies with AT&T Pub. 62411 and CCITT recommendation G.703 when terminated in 100 ohms and 0 db line build out selected.
    Jitter: Complies with AT&T Pub. 62411

    Front panel indicators specifications:
  • Alarm indicators:
    Frame Sync Loss, All Ones (Blue Alarm), Density (excess zeros and insufficient ones), and Yellow Alarm
  • Status indicators:
    Frequency Deviation, Line Level Fault, Not Loop Timed, Low Battery, Signal Present
  • Sync indicators:
    Pattern sync, D4 frame sync, ESF sync, and SLC(r)96
    Coding Indicators: AMI and B8ZS

    Alarm criteria specifications:
  • Pattern Sync Loss:
    Programmable from 0-9999 bit errors in 0-9999 bits (Factory setting is 100 bit errors in 1000 or fewer bits)
  • Frame Sync Loss:
    D4: 2 out of 5 Ft. Bits in error
    ESF: 2 out of 5 Ft. Bits in error
    SLC®96: 2 ou of 5 Ft. Bits in error

Please find an enlarged image here.

Phoenix 5575 T1 Micro Bert

Maße/ Dimensions : 255mm (B/W) x 160mm (H/H) x 160mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 4,5 kg

Grundgeprüft / Basically tested:   470,05 INKLUSIV MWST / 395,00 NETTO (appr. US$ .-)

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