Optical Metrology; Glass fiber
Optische Messgeräte, Glasfasertechnik


Der Tektronix OF 150 ist ein Optischer Reflektometer für Multimode-Glasfasern .
Er arbeitet bei 850 nm Wellenlänge.
Unterbrechungen und die Dämpfung an Spleißstellen können gemessen werden.
Die maximale Messstrecke beträgt 19,9 km bei einer besten Auflösung von 1m.
Stromversorgung durch 12 V (extern) oder Netzbetrieb.

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English translation of German description:
Tektronix OF 150 Fiber Optic TDR
The high-performance, easy-to-use OF 150 precisely measures signal loss and breaks on multimode fiber at the 850 nm wavelength.
The instrument typically measures reflective breaks through 42.5 dB, and splice loss to +/- 0.1 dB through 21.5 dB one way cable loss, depending on fiber characteristics.
Maximum read-out range is 19.9 km, with 1 m resolution.
Data print resolution is 2 cm.
The OF 150 has single function manual dials, providing user ease and control, and a built in CRT, displaying sharp, defined traces without operator calculation or risk of error.

It is portable, with a single handle for carrying ease.
The OF 150 operates at virtually any altitude or temperature, from a 12 V vehicle system, and external battery pack or AC.

Please find a corresponding data sheet here.

Tektronix TEK OF150

Maße/ Dimensions : 395mm (B/W) x 200mm (H/H) x 500mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 18 kg

Grundgeprüft / Basically tested:   827,05 INKLUSIV MWST / 695,00 NETTO (appr. US$ .-)

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