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Noise Com

Der NoiseCom Multipath 2500 ist ein Fading Emulator.
Er simuliert einen drahtlosen Kommunikationskanal und dessen Ausbreitung über bis zu 12 reflektierte Signalkanäle zwischen einer oder zwei Basisstationen und einem mobilen Transceiver.
  • Der Frequenzbereich erstreckt sich von 800 bis 2500 MHz.

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English translation of German description:
The NoiseCom Multipath 2500 Fading Emulator (MP 2500) emulates a wireless communication channel with propagation over as many as 12 reflected signal paths between one or two base stations and a mobile transceiver.

  • Principal applications for the MP 2500 include:
    • Personal communication service (PCS)
    • Global system mobile (GSM/DCS 1800)
    • Paging
    • Digital European cordless telephone (DECT)
    • Personal handy-phone/Japanese digital cordless telephone (PHP/JDCT)
    • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
    • Digital TV (HDTV)
    • Cordless telephone 2 (CT-2)
    • North American digital cellular (NADC/IS-54)
    • Code division multiple access (CDMA) (IS-97/98)
    • Time division multiple access (TDMA) (IS-55/56)
    • Space diversity testing
    • Radar target emulation

  • The principal features and functions of the MP 2500 include:
    • Doppler fading emulation. The differential path delay, path attenuation, phase shift, and Doppler shift are individually programmable for each of the reflected signal paths. The signals in all paths are summed together at the MP 2500 output to emulate the multipath signals arriving at the receiver antenna. This summation of multiple signals with random phase causes random amplitude fluctuations, or fading.
    • Flexible input modes. The user can input information directly to the MP 2500 using the built-in keyboard and monitor, or with any standard personal computer equipped with an IEEE-488 interface port.
    • Multiple path/channel combinations. The MP 2500 is automatically reconfigurable to perform single channel tests with up to 12 paths, or dual channel tests with up to 6 paths per channel. In addition, the instrument may be configured to perform forward/reverse links, diversity, interference, and duplex testing, without the use of external power dividers or combiners.
    • Choice of operating modes:
      Static Mode. The user sets the desired parameters individually into each path. Standard test conditions for GSM, DCS, NADC/CDMA, and other applications are factory stored and can be recalled readily. Using the Live Data capability, path parameters can be modified according to a user generated ASCII data file. The MP 2500 can import and run a file containing either field strength or impulse response data.
      Dynamic (graphic) mode. A graphical representation of two base stations, a mobile transceiver, reflectors, and an RF shadow is used to emulate a multipath environment to containing these objects. The MP 2500 updates Doppler, delay and path attenuation in real time. A choice of one or two base stations is available to perform forward/reverse link testing, including the effects of co-channel and adjacent channel interference.

  • Technical Data:
    • Full band frequency coverage: 800 to 2500 MHz
    • Choice of fading statistics: Rayleigh, Rician, Log-Normal, Suzuki, Nakagami
    • Adjustable delay interval: 216 µsec with 1 nsec resolution
    • Highly accurate processing: 12-bit A/D converter resolution
    • Spurious free output: -55 dBc spurious; -75 dBm LO leakage

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Noise Com MP2500

Maße/ Dimensions : 405mm (B/W) x 200mm (H/H) x 550mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 20 kg

Geprüft / Fully tested:   2915,50 INKLUSIV MWST / 2450,00 NETTO
Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr
One Year Warranty

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