Spectrum Analyzer
Spektrum Analysator

Hewlett Packard
8591E Opt. 004, 010, 043, 105, 301 (=101 +102)

Der HP 8591E ist ein Spektrum Analysator speziell für EMC-Messungen.

Er arbeitet im Frequenzbereich von 9 kHz ... 1800 MHz.

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Ausgerüstet mit:
  • Opt 004: Precision Frequency Reference
  • Opt 010: Tracking Generator (1,8 GHz)
  • Opt 043: RS232- und parallele Schnittstelle
  • Opt 105: Time-Gated Spektrum- Analyse
  • Opt 301 (Opt.101 + Opt.102): TV Sync Trigger, Fast Time Domain Sweeps, AM/FM Demodulator, Analog + Display

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English translation of German description:
Whether your industry is information technology, automotive, communication or medical electronics, you need to evaluate the EMI performance of your designs during the development phase. The HP 8591E is an EMC Spectrum Analyzer which allows you to evaluate this performance quickly and easily. It covers the frequency range from 9 kHz to 1.8 GHz (50 ohms).

The analyzer has the following functionality and features to speed you through your measurements:
  • Complete measurement setups including span and CISPR bandwidths
  • Displays two limits and margins
  • Corrections for antenna, cable and amplifier
  • Measure the peak, quasi-peak and average amplitudes of 239 signals and store the results to the internal list
  • The windows feature zooms in on signals while viewing the broad spectrum
  • Log frequency sweep to expand signals in lower frequencies
  • Sort remeasure, mark and delete signals in the internal list
  • Customize and print reports which can include two pages of text, signal list and graphics

In addition you can edit or customize and store limit lines and correction factors for transducers, cables or other devices to a RAM card (not included).

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Equipped with:
  • Opt 004: Precision frequency reference
  • Opt 010: Tracking generator (1.8 GHz)
  • Opt 043: RS-232 and parallel interface
  • Opt 105: Time-Gated Spectrum Analysis
  • Opt 301 (Opt.101 + Opt.102): TV sync trigger, fast time domain sweeps, AM/FM demodulator, analogue + display

  • Opt 301 (Opt.101 + Opt.102): TV Sync Trigger, Fast Time Domain Sweeps, AM/FM Demodulator, Analog + Display

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  • Hewlett Packard HP 8591E Opt. 004, 010, 043, 105, 301 (=101 +102)

    Maße/ Dimensions : 370mm (B/W) x 185mm (H/H) x 460mm (T/D)
    Gewicht/ Weight: 16 kg

    Geprüft / Fully tested:   4700,50 INKLUSIV MWST / 3950,00 NETTO
    Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr
    One Year Warranty

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